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Our Heart

Every conversation, every recommendation, and every decision we make has safety and quality in mind. As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of finding a babysitter or nanny that you can trust. That's why we strive to cultivate a ‘friend of mine’ culture, where every recommendation we make feels like it's coming from a trusted friend or family member. 


Our commitment to safety and quality is unwavering. We never recommend a provider that we wouldn't trust with our own children. That's a promise we make to you! 


As parents, we know that entrusting someone with the care of our children is no small matter. It's a decision that requires careful consideration and confidence in the provider. That's why we've created a booking process that is both straightforward and efficient, ensuring that you have complete control over who cares for your little ones. With our app, you can easily enter your childcare needs and get matched with the best provider for you. From ongoing care to last-minute needs, our reliable babysitters are just a click away. 


Our mission is to provide quality and trustworthy care to the families in our community. 


Our vision is to enrich lives. We believe that through a commitment to compassionate care, we can connect as a valuable extension of your family.


Compassionate & Caring

Our commitment to you extends from a deep respect for your family’s goals and values. We understand that you are working hard and prioritizing your family. Our empathetic approach will leave you with peace of mind knowing we are joining our resources to your values. We are on your team!

Safe & Trustworthy

Our team is made up of individuals proven to be trustworthy. We are certified and engaged in ongoing education to provide the highest quality services. We remain diligent in providing continuous evaluation and training for our team because we value your family’s safety.

Straightforward & Efficient

Our team handles every detail from the start and follows through in the most efficient way. As a result, stressful and complicated scenarios are alleviated.

Respectful & Reliable

Our culture radiates from a place of high regard for all people. We respect your time, values, and commitments. We desire to provide clear and honest communication that is solution based.

Personalized & Enriching

Our community represents a unique spectrum of needs and desires. We are committed to being flexible and adaptable to individual preferences and goals. We provide better care by not only fulfilling service expectations but adding value. We want to be a trusted companion who engages and connects with your child on a personal level.

We take the extra steps involved with vetting and training the right people to give you peace of mind that the care provided is ultimately safe and trustworthy, while adding value to your family. 

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